Skyportz is focused on establishing the landing network for a new era in aviation where air taxis can operate on demand to take you direct to your destination.

However, landing infrastructure is just one piece of this complex puzzle so we have partnered with leaders in every aspect of the ecosystem who will be working with us to achieve this vision.

Clem Newton-Brown


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Clem has been at the forefront of assembling the pieces of the emerging air taxi ecosystem for several years. He is chair of the Advanced Air Mobility working group of the Australian Association for Unmanned Systems, serves on the Federal Government's New and Emerging Aviation Technologies committee and the NASA Advanced Aerial Mobility working group in the United States. His background is in law, town planning and politics and he has served as Deputy Lord Mayor of Melbourne and as an elected Member of the Victorian Parliament. He runs a consultancy, Whitemark Property and Planning which specialises in strategy for complex projects.

Ronan Delaney

Global Aviation Skills 
Leader Arup

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Ronan is the Global Aviation Skills Leader managing ‘Arup skills offering’ to Aviation Industry Clients, and he is also the NSW / ACT Aviation Business leader for Arup Australia. He has over thirty years of experience in Engineering Management of large multi-disciplinary teams, across the full spectrum of building projects from high-rise commercial offices, shopping malls, aviation, rail and infrastructure projects in Australia and Asia, notable ones being Sydney Airport International Terminal (T1) Expansion Projects, Brisbane Airport Domestic Terminal Expansion Projects, Hong Kong Airport Terminal 2, Hong Kong Airport Sky Pier Project, and Beijing Capital Airport Terminal 3 Project (built for the 2008 Olympic Games). At present he the Arup Technical Director on the Western Sydney International Airport Project (Airport Planning Services and Arup Engineering Panel Teams).

Stuart Norman

Parking Association of Australia 

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Stuart is CEO of Parking Australia which has entered into a partnership with Skyportz to enable its members to tap into opportunities for air taxi landing facilities on the thousands of parking garages the organisation represents around the country.

Julieana Rocks

Safe Helidecks 

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Safe Helidecks specialises in all things relating to the safe, efficient and compliant operation of global helidecks, helipads, vertiports, skyports and helicopter refuelling systems - be they onshore, offshore or afloat. 

Safe Helidecks is a wholly owned Australian company head quartered in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia with field offices in Perth, Western Australia and Singapore. The working directors, Juliana and Bede Rocks provide their customers exceptional service based on a combined 70+ years experience in the helicopter and aviation industry.

Ashley Bramich

Pace Development Group 

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Pace Development Group has been contributing to Melbourne’s vibrant urban landscape for nearly three decades. Pace has successfully delivered over 100 projects that represent the very best in urban planning, architecture and technology, becoming more than just places to reside but truly enriching lifestyle destinations.    

In keeping with this vision, Pace are proud to support the ongoing liveability of Melbourne through an investment into innovation and technology that will not only future-proof its own buildings, but will ensure that all Pace developments are benefitting the communities and city in which it develops.    

Via a strategic partnership with Skyportz, Pace are taking a leading role to establish a network of skyports in Melbourne that will enable the use of eVTOLs into the future. The benefits of urban aerial mobility via delivery and passenger drones are being actively factored into the design of Pace buildings, positioning Pace developments as some of the few that will cater to flying vehicles.

Veruska Dias

University of Beira Interior 

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Veruska Dias is a research academic in Urban Air Mobility, Sustainable Cities and Circular Economy (Aeronautical Engineering) at NIT, University of Beira Interior, Portugal.

She is studying how entrepreneurial, innovative and circular ecosystems in the aerospace industry act as drivers for the creation of smart, green and integrated cities. 

Previously, Veruska worked in the aerospace engineering sector at Octans Aircraft in their product development department. 

Veruska holds a Doctorate in Aeronautical Engineering and a Masters in Production/Industrial Engineering.

Andrew davies

Taz Drone Solutions 

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Andrew's focus is on empowering through drone technology and solving global problems on a local level. His operations  cover training, custom solutions, production inspections, drone swarming, consulting, surveying & photogrammetry. He is renowned for inventing innovative solutions in Tasmania for weed spraying on hydro dam walls and is in a consortium working on drone delivery airframes.


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