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There are literally billions of dollars being invested into various aviation companies developing air taxi prototypes. Some of the biggest names in aviation and automobiles are in the race, including Bell, Embraer, Boeing, Airbus, Hyundai and Toyota, as well as well funded start ups such as such as Archer, Joby, Lilium, Volocopter and Electra Aero.

There is no doubt that Advanced Aerial Mobility is coming. With numerous prototypes already flying it is expected that the frontrunners will have aircraft commercially certified to take passengers in the very near future.

Once the aircraft are flying the missing piece in the ecosystem will be where the aircraft will land. This is where Skyportz network of vertiports comes in….

Skyportz - The Key To Unlocking Advanced Air Mobility

Yes we are well ahead of the curve, but when the aircraft are flying commercially in the next short while, we expect that there will be massive investment into the landing infrastructure to commercialise this new form of aviation. At Skyportz we are assembling the pieces of a future air taxi network.

Owning a Skyportz network will be like owning a toll road, except there is no need to build the road. For a modest investment in Skyportz landing sites compared to road and rail infrastructure we will be able to revolutionise how we move people and freight

What We do

Our focus is on securing access to a range of Skyportz locations, starting with existing helipads and airports and then moving on to suburban and urban locations such as business parks, shopping centres, car parking garages, industrial sites and greenfield city fringe developments. We have a stable of sites across Australia ready to activate.

We are also helping property developers to future proof their projects so they can offer access to air taxis and freight services as soon as they start operating.

By the time the aircraft start flying in the next few years Skyportz will be able to offer the backbone of a destination network.

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